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In a confidential setting (25 people maximum), this Exclusive Residential retreat offered to Startup Founders and C-Suite will take place from Wednesday May 10, 6pm to Friday May 12, 2pm.

This retreat was created in response to a call from leaders for creating a community around purposeful living and compassionate leadership. Along with workshops by our amazing speakers on topics including awareness training, unleashing creativity, social and emotional intelligence and wise leadership, you will experience yoga, meditation, nature walks, workshops, improv, and purposeful dialogues.


Chip Conley

Chip Conley currently serves as a Strategic Advisor to Airbnb. As the Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy, Chip taught his award-winning methods to hundreds of thousands of Airbnb hosts in nearly 200 countries, and created the Airbnb Open that brings thousands together in a global festival of belonging. Chip's books, PEAK and the New York Times bestseller EMOTIONAL EQUATIONS, share his own theories on transformation and meaning in business and life.

Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok

Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok, currently serving as the Consul General of India in SF, has held diplomatic assignments in Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Austria and Sri Lanka, apart from postings in the Ministry of External Affairs in different capacities. He was Director of External Relations in the Department of Atomic Energy between 1995-1998 following which he was appointed as India's. Alternate Governor and Alternate Permanent Representative in the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna.

Prasad Kaipa

Prasad Kaipa PhD has been an advisor and coach since 1990 for about 130 C-level executives in large and small companies. He founded and directed the Center for Leadership and Innovation Change at the Indian School of Business from 2008-2010 and has been a visiting professor in USC, INSEAD, Tuck and Saybrook. Prasad co-founded the Entrepreneur Institute for TiE in the Silicon Valley in 2002 to assist entrepreneurs develop soft skills. Prasad's book "From Smart to Wise: Acting and Leading with Wisdom" (with Navi Radjou) became an international bestseller and His 2016 book with Meera Shenoy called "You Can" (based on stories of disabled entrepreneurs in India) is in third printing.

Sherri Lassila

Sherri Lassila has been an executive coach, transformational leadership facilitator, and company founder, whose life-changing work has impacted thousands of leaders worldwide. Since 1997, she has led hundreds of workshop sessions and coaching circles for organizations including the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Conscious Capitalism, Wisdom 2.0, Stanford Continuing Studies, The Shift Network and a wide variety of executives and entrepreneurs. She has particular expertise in aligning your career with your calling, mindfulness, unleashing creative potential, women's authentic leadership, and transforming the inner barriers to greater impact, fulfillment and success.

Richard Miller

Richard Miller PhD is the founder and Executive Director of Integrative Restoration (iRest) Institute. Richard is a clinical psychologist, author, researcher, yogic scholar and spiritual teacher. Richard is the co-founder of The International Association of Yoga Therapy and founding editor of the professional Journal of IAYT. Author of Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga, Richard serves as a research consultant studying the iRest Yoga Nidra protocol that he has developed researching its efficacy on health, healing and well-being with diverse populations including active-duty soldiers, veterans, the homeless, the incarcerated, and people experiencing issues such as sleep disorders, PTSD, chemical dependency and chronic pain.

Jay Chodagam

Jay Chodagam was a techie by day and meditation trainer by nights and weekends. As a student of the Brahma Kumaris for almost two decades, his research of meditation techniques led him to become a proponent of awareness training for people of all ages and backgrounds to identify their purpose and enhance their sense of self-worth. Jay co-produces the annual SPIRIT Summit in India and Peace in the Park festival in San Francisco. He also regularly conducts workshops and seminars at the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Marin County California, and at companies, schools, hospitals and prisons in the Bay Area.


Anubhuti Meditation & Retreat Center

820 Bel Marin Keys Blvd
Novato, CA 94949 USA
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Wednesday , May 10  
6pm Arrivals & Check-in
6:30pm Group Dinner
7:30pm Welcome, Meditation, Orientation, Creation of Pods
9pm Closing Meditation
Thursday, May 11  
7:30 am Wake-up exercise (Nature Walk or Yoga)

8:30am Breakfast

Experience being Present, being Presence. Discovering, and Nourishing your Inner Resource of unchanging well-being.

10:30am Tea Break

Experience the art of listening in a way that fosters deeper connection and calls forth the higher potential and creativity in others.

12:00pm Lunch in silence

Our purpose in life i.e. what we are here to do, is not something we can arbitrarily create. Purpose is what we are here to do... in continuity. Learn how to find It. And how to put your purpose into action.
2:00pm Outdoor Activity (Nature Walk or Yoga)
3:00pm Breakout 1
Our purpose in life i.e. what we are here to do, is not something we can arbitrarily create. Purpose is what we are here to do... in continuity. Learn how to find It. And how to put your purpose into action.
In this session, you identify where you are on the smartness spectrum from functional smartness to business smartness. Then you identify where your actions, communication and decision logic made you smarter as a person and what choices and adjustments you can make to become a wiser leader. You will go away with recommendations on how you can act wisely on a day to day basis.
In this experiential session, we'll apply the powerful NEED Aligned Action methodology to gain fresh insight and perspective on a leadership challenge you're facing, by looking at it from different mindsets, connect you to your deep inner wisdom and higher knowing in any moment of challenge. This process is also highly effective for navigating decisions and opportunities.

4:15pm Tea Break

4:45pm Breakout 2
Discover and heal core beliefs to establish grounded well-being no matter your circumstance. Experiencing ten key tools for cultivating embodied well-being and emotional and cognitive well-being.
Four years ago, Chip joined Airbnb to help the three Millennials founders grow their small tech start-up into a global hospitality giant. While he was hired to be a mentor, Chip quickly learned he was also an intern. In this breakout, Chip will share ideas for how we can create an intergenerational transfer of wisdom.

6pm Dinner

7pm Improv/Creative Exercises
8:40pm Winding down with Yoga Nidra
Friday, May 12  
7:30am Wake-up exercise

8:30am Breakfast

9:30am Conscious Leadership - Balancing maximizing profits with doing good - Prasad Kaipa

10:30am Break



Most business plans are transactional rather than transformational. Based upon Chip's book, PEAK, focused on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, he will share a human-centric model that allows a company and its leaders to address the higher needs of their employees, customers, and investors.


Tea Break


Review, Commitment & Accountability Plan


Closing Ceremony